bookmark_borderA kind of pen, a nib of which itself soaks ink

I give a talk about a kind of pen a nib of which itself soaks ink.

Waht is “a kind of pen a nib of which itself soaks ink”?

felt pen, sign pen, magic ink, marker, liner, drawing pen, …

They have a common feature: their each nib soaks ink in order to keep and put it on some surface, so that practically they are same. There are various names like above and it’s annoying. I call the kind of pens “marker” as a thick one, or “drawing pen” as a thin one.

Markers and drawing pens can be classified by base of ink: water/oil and dye/pigment.

Water must denote water and oil may denote alcohol. The important difference of them is a behaviour toward a surface like paper, cloth, wood, stone or metal. About a common surface: paper, water-based ink spreads little but paper flakes off. While oil-based ink is opposite to water-based ink so that it spreads well but paper doesn’t get any damage. About other surface — metal, water-based ink cannot be available, but only oil-based ink. All those difference may be caused by a difference of viscosity between water and alcohol.

A difference of dye/pigment may be whether it re-dissolves or not by its own solvent after it has dried. pigment may be hard to re-dissolve. Therefore water-pigment-based ink is waterresisting! It’s useful feature so that a water-pigment-based ink is often used for art works.


My favourite markers

I introduce you some markers meet my requirements.

Mackee Extra Fine for Paper / Zebra

A dualpen of water-pigment-based ink by Zebra.

The most famous drawing pen is Pigma by Sakura Color Products. But I don’t require wide range of nib’s size so that I would rather recommend the Mackee Extra Fine for Paper, that you are available literally an extra fine nib and also a extra fine nib in this one! Actually an extra fine nib is thicker drawing pen, so that a thicker drawing pen and a thinner marker are in one. The price is reasonable and the design is not bad. The balanced one.

Magic Ink No.500, No.700 / Teranishi Chemical Industry

A pen of oil-dye-based ink by Teranichi Chemical Industry.

The most famous oil-based-marker is Mackee by Zebra and Magic Ink by Teranishi Chemical Industry. Mackee is more useful but it’s a bit of error, and I love a retrospective design of the Magic Ink series, so I reccomend it. Basically there is a correlation that the better design is more costs however Magic Ink has another kind of good design. A writing goods exiting only having is really rare so that I want Teranishi Chemical Industry to keep her way.

Markers not for me

I introduce you some markers not meeting my requirements. Note that they are good items and must be needed many people because they has being sold for a long time.

Mackee Care Super Extra Fine / Zebra

I always use paper as a surface and very finer nib has no advantage for me.

Rushon No.300 / Teranishi Chemical Industry

This pen is of water-dye-based ink so has no advantage in its function, but is very reasonable instead. However a ballpoint pen is more useful for frequent use, then Rushon hasn’t any good stage… But Teranishi Chemical Industry’s good design is still exist.

Other markers

I hasn’t tried others yet. Other famous markers are Myname by Sakura Color Products, and Píːs by Mitsubishi Pencil.

Myname is often used in elementaly school. There is some kind of mood.

Drawing Pens

I hardly use Drawing pen but did try some pens so I introduce them.

About their function, there is no difference.

Both Pigma by Sakura Color Products and Pigment Liner by STAEDTLER have very wide range of their nib size. STAEDTLER’s one costs a bit higher, so if you cannot find their difference like me then simply Pigma may be better.

Most reasonable one is Uni Pin by Mitsubishi Pencil but only 3 sizes are available. Its quality is very good so this one has best performance per cost. Why doesn’t enhance a range of size?

Drawing Pen by PILOT is very normal. This one has mid class quality, moderate range of nib size, and ordinaly price.

In conclusion, Pigma by Sakura Color Products is best, but if you not need wide range of nib size then Uni Pin by Mitsubishi Pencil is for you. STAEDTLER is for fans. Made in German has steady and exact value.

Hajime, holding a big Magic Ink No.500.

bookmark_borderπάντα ῥεῖ — Preparation is no exception.

I begin to think even some months early where I’ll go because of my obsession that I should go outside in consecutive holidays. GW (not gateway, but “Golden Week”) is no exception too, I was considering how to travel through south Kinki region — Osaka, Kyoto, Nagoya, and Shingu.

Hmm, No. It’s not exactly. This may be based on a simple idea that there is nothing like preparing anything, not a complex or serious issue as an obsession. According to the idea there seems only benefit, but actually preparation costs more or less so that it’s only idiot! Well in case that you had prepared something but was cancelled then are you idiot? The answer is NO. Because always you have a chance to do in any future, or you can decompose and recompose it. Actually I don’t know what is merit-demerit. If you know then you would know just entire causality of everything in the universe, it’s cannot be comprehended in a man’s life so that you can ignore it.

Well I was preparing such that but at this time no motivation comes to me at all therefore ok I decided to still be inside. See you later my preparation.

There are various routes from Osaka to Shingu i.e. via Nagoya.