I took a glance at arabic language and korean language, then I found they are very good

I’ve gotten interest at languages since I learned Chinese as my tertiary language in my college days, and after that I’ve tried very major europian languages — french, italy, german and russian languages. I cought some common atomosphere among major europian languages so here I change the direction and try to arabic language and korean language.

Why they are chosen? there is no exact reason but also not completely random. Here are some rough requirements.

  • It is major in the world
  • It has fresh features for me
  • Most japanese people cannot understand at all

I don’t know where those requirements come from, but it’s not a problem so I ignore it.

Impressions of Arabic Language

Now I’ve skimmed a textbook “New Express Arabic” and understand characters and pronunciation.

I had confused its characters but got familiar with them soon. It’s rather fun writing. I’m right handed but change to left when arabic.

It has less vowels and more consonants instead. I think more vowels make more fatigue therefore arabic language seems to have advantage in this point. By the way, french langauge is also one of some power-saving languages.

Arabic language is minor for japanese people, on the contrary, some japanese people may have a bad impression on arabic language due to many political or religious news. However that background gives also a kind of benefit: I can get exited as if learning minor language even though it’s very major language. It’s rare case.

It’s good that speaking and writing are exited. I reserve it.

Impressions of Korean Language

Now I skimmed a textbook “Entry into Koren Language” and understand a basics of characters and pronunciation.

Hangul was made with certain aim like “Yeah let’s make our own characters!” at about age of discovery so it’s artificial. Cyrillic characters may be same but it was derived from greek characters. Well I tried to write Hangul and felt it’s very systematic and orderly, but hard to get familiar with my brain. This point is opposite to arabic language. Korean language is not suitable to thinking? No. I will get familiar it someday because actually great many people uses korean language.

Characters are arranged very simply but it seems difficult to arrange word. Hangul has ability to classify details but it’s us who do it. Hangul may get natual for next 100 years, 200 years, … It’s exited a little for me.

I feel familiar to korean language about ways to express my feelings or thought. Some memories come with me when I was learning the basics of japanese langauge in my elementary school. I may be able to express jepanese language’s feeling with korean language directly.

It has also many interesting features and I want to able to read Hangul at various places in Japan, almost stations, so I reserve it.

If you don’t know then you can’t understand at all, however it’s rather good.